Special Days

Celebrating 400 years since the King James Bible was first published

The Lutterworth Press takes a look at the Bible’s lasting influence.

Throughout 2011 there will be numerous events all over the UK which celebrate the literary and cultural significance of the Bible and media attention has already been high with the BBC commissioning documentaries.

The Bible in the English language is among the great achievements of all time, both as a piece of inspired writing and as a witness to the place of the Scriptures in the life of the English-speaking peoples. F.F. Bruce’s work, recognised for 30 years as one of the best on its subject, documents its history and shows the impact of some of the translations on the use and development of the English language with History of the Bible in English.

The history of the English Bible is not widely known, David Price and Charles C. Ryrie write in Let It Go Among Our People the story of the birth of the English Bible, the development of its literary style, and its tumultuous political history.The authors analyse the language used in the Bible, viewing the whole as literature whilst studying its translation, and comparing passages in different versions.

For an illuminating study of the literary qualities of the English Bible The Bible as Literature does not disappoint. Based on the King James (Authorised) Version of the Bible, T.R. Henn looks critically at the epic, narrative, lyric and dramatic qualities of the sacred texts. He examines the Bible’s unique “forge of style” and the imagery which so profoundly give the Bible its Biblical character.





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