Join us to celebrate the launch of ‘Talking the Talk’

Launch Party

Talking the Talk

The Fall of King David for today

A dramatic exposition of 2 Samuel 5.11 to 1 Kings 2.11

By Rev’d Dr Pete Wilcox

Join us to celebrate the release of this fantastic new work from the author Pete Wilcox.

The launch party will take
place on Saturday 30th April
at 7.30pm in the Nave of
Lichfield Cathedral


A more perfect setting for the launch could not be found other than Lichfield Cathedral, one of the oldest places of Christian worship in Britain. For more information check out there website here.

About the book:

The story of David is a story about power: about the use and abuse of power in his relations with women (sex), with God (religion) and with officials, vassals or rivals (politics). From the Introduction

Pete Wilcox follows his earlier title Walking the Walk, continuing the of story of David from the moment he becomes king of ‘all Israel’ until death.  Tracing the narrative in distinct scenes, Wilcox is able to suggest what we have to learn from this story today.

David’s career as king fails to live up to his impressive early faithfulness to God: only when David takes the throne, does he really give in to temptation. After David has been corrupted by power, it is his capacity for contrition that still defines him as a man after God’s own heart.

In contemporary western society, while the private lives of political leaders’ may be scrutinised, there is little sense that personal actions affect their career in office. The Bible however assumes a person’s  true values will shape all their behaviour, public and private. Talking the Talk shows why it may be important to achieve a level of integration between public and private roles.

Each chapter in this book expounds a chapter of the biblical text and always includes a conclusion to indicate the relevance of the story today. Readers are invited to apply its lessons to their own lives, and to reflect on the nature of achievement, failure, adversity and contrition.

Coming Soon! An interview with the author Pete Wilcox on his new book and his experience in writing.

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