Secularism in the media

With the release of Trust in an Age of Arrogance looming we decided to take a look at what was being said about the increasingly secularist society we live in and the many questions being raised demonstrating that the battle between secularism and Christianity still has some steam.

On the 28th February the Guardian questioned whether religious affiliation still matters and what level of interest should the government have in the general populations beliefs? A recent article in the Economist clearly states that faith should be protected from the influence of the government however the government should also be free from religious influence.

Stephen Glover of the Daily Mail on the 10th March called on Christians to “…wake up and grasp that many of their values are being challenged and replaced by secular ones” in response to the reduction of Christian media coverage, particularly through the BBC and intolerant interventions from those in power favouring the popularist secularist ideas.

The pressure to appease secularists is only emphasised by the British Humanist Association’s claim the census’ religion box pressurises people into describing themselves as Christian. This year’s Census has led many to debate what the information will be used for and whether entirely ethical. Although can we really expect the labels given by the Census to be correct when so many Christians support and promote secularist values in their day to day life.

Will becoming a wholly secularist society bring real wide spread benefit or a loss in collectivist ideals supported by the church. Allison explores the simple text of Jesus’s warning which are capable of clarifying a myriad of complexities that obscure a clear view of the world and of the Christian promise within Trust in the Age of Arrogance and what these developments mean for the modern church.

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Trust in the Age of Arrogance by C. FitzSimons Allison

For release April 2011

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