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Blast from the backlist – Anglo-Catholic in Religion

Jacket imagePublished in March 2010, Barry Spurr’s title Anglo-Catholic in Religion: T. S. Eliot an Christianity has been a runaway success for us at The Lutterworth Press both in terms of sales and critically.

Even now we are still receiving a fantastic response as the book refuses to step down as one of our best sellers and continues to attract positive reviews.

Don’t want to take our word for it? See for your self:

Times Literary Supplement – Peter Cornwell
January 2011

“Barry Spurr takes us on a wonderful journey to discover the byways, varieties, glories and contradictions of a brand of Anglicanism which, even in the 1950s, was potent, and he does a good deal to establish his main thesis that it was this particular faith and practice that formed ‘the central element, the still point, in the poet’s world picture informing all that he did in his creative work’.”

Literature & Theology – David Jasper
June 2010

“Mature and elegantly composed … The work of a scholar who is at once utterly at home with his material and yet aware of how much more there is to be said. … Spurr is perfectly equipped for the task which he set himself in this book.”

The Church Times – The Rt Revd Lord Harries
July 30, 2010

“The tone of the book is just what that of a good literary critic should be: appreciative, grateful, and generous, while at the same time not sparing in criticisms where it is due.”

The Expository Times – Ian Campbell
October 2010

“This is a successful book, since it takes a subject on which much has been written, and effectively renders much previous writing in need of serious reconsideration.”

Commonweal – Anthony Domestico
November 5, 2010

“…the historical detail of Spurr’s study that makes it essential reading for anyone interested in the sources of Eliot’s religious belief and practice.”

The Church of England Newspaper – Paul Richardson
November 16, 2010

“No Previous writer has managed to explain Eliot’s churchmanship and relate it to his poetry as well as Barry Spurr.”

The Glass – Roger Kojecky
Spring 2011

“Spurr’s book is comprehensively excellent on the nature and history of twentieth century Anglo-Catholicism, on Eliot’s reputation as an Anglo-Catholic, his observance of its practices, his associations within Anglo-Catholic circles, and its expressions in his creative work.”

Contemporary Review – James Munson
Spring 2011

“…a first-rate study which should become essential reading for anyone seeking a real understanding of this great poet and playwright.”

Studies in Religion – Shyamal Bagchee
March 2011

“At a number of places, Professor Spurr’s intelligence, good humour and stylistic liveliness make it a delight to read.”

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