Of Seas and Ships editor at the Hay Festival 2011

We are pleased to reveal that John Gould, one of the editors of the successful book title Of Seas and Ships and Scientists will be involved in the Hay festival June 2nd 2011, discussing the most urgent issues around the threat to the marine environment of deep water drilling, the fisheries crisis, climate change, trade safety and piracy organised by the Maritime Foundation.

Of Seas and Ships and Scientists is an exciting account of a formative phase of UK science – the foundation and early years of the National Institute of Oceanography. The roots of the NIO may be found in the pre-war research by scientists, on Scott’s Discovery, on the biology of the vast Southern Ocean, funded by a tax on whale oil.

These pioneers were joined by a small group of young scientists who were brought together under the inspirational leadership of Dr (later Sir) George Deacon, to learn about how to predict waves for amphibious landings. Shortly after the end of the war, these groups coalesced to form the core of theUK’s first National Institute of Oceanography.  Discoveries made at NIO over the course of the 1950s, 60s and 70s underpin our modern-day scientific knowledge of the oceans and the seafloor.

Written by NIO scientists, the chapters within convey the challenges and excitement of ocean research in a bygone age before micro electronics, small computers and satellite navigation. The book is a useful introduction for students of marine and environmental science. It will appeal to many scientists,  to the general public, to those interested in science and innovation during and after WWII and of course to many living in Surrey who always wondered what went on in the leafy lanes that were home to NIO and its successors for almost 50 years.

Jacket Image“…a book that is both accessible and historically valuable.”  —Ocean Challenge, Winter 2011

“… a fascinating book on the work done by the scientists of the UK National Institute of Oceanography…far from being academic and dry…an attractive, well produced book.”Underwater Technology, Vol 29, 2011

“…an enjoyable escape to the ‘golden days’.”
Marine Scientists, September, 2010

To purchase a copy of the book click here.

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