The New Covenant Commentary Series

The New Covenant Commentary Series (NCCS) published by the Lutterworth Press from June 2011 is designed for ministers and students who require commentary that interacts with the text of each New Testament book with the ultimate aim of pushing the Bible text towards a new generation and providing a platform for reflection on how the New Testament impacts life, faith, ministry and witness of the New Covenant Community today.

Jacket ImageColossians and Philemon

By Michael F. Bird

Michael Bird’s commentary on Colossians and Philemon pays close attention to the socio-historical context, the flow and dynamics of the text, their argumentative strategy, theological message, and the meaning of Colossians and Philemon for the contemporary church today.

Bird feels that both of the books are linked together by the New Testament’s message of reconciliation. Christ is able to reconcile us to God the Father (Colossians) and he gives us the grace to be reconciled to each other (Philemon). They contain a message that our much hurting world is in desperate need of hearing.

The commentary combines exegetical insight, rhetorical analysis, theological exposition, and practical application all in one short volume. Bird shows Paul at work as a theologian, pastor, and missionary in his letters to the Colossians and Philemon.

ISBN: 9780718892371

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Jacket imageRomans

By Craig S. Keener


Paul may have taken over eleven hours to dictate this letter to Tertius, its scribe suggesting that Romans is a carefully premeditated work at 7114 words long.

Keener provides a helpfully concise commentary on Paul’s letter to the early Christians in Rome written just a few years before the outbreak of Nero’s persecution. Keener examines each paragraph for its function in the letter as a whole, helping the reader follow Paul’s argument.

Where relevant, he draws on his vast work in ancient Jewish and Greco-Roman sources in order to help modern readers understand the message of Romans according to the way the first audience would have heard it. Throughout, Keener focuses on major points that are especially critical for the contemporary study of Paul’s most influential and complex New Testament letter.

ISBN: 9780718892388

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Other titles in the series will include

–         Ephesians by Lynn H. Cohick

–         Matthew by Joel Willitts

–         Mark by Kim Huat Tan

–         Luke by Jeanine Brown

For more information about any of the titles within the NCC series or to request a review/inspection copy please contact Rachel Shand at

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