What’s the value in becoming a Lutterworth Intern?

In such a competitive industry as publishing one of the first attributes that employers look for is relevant work experience on any new recruit’s CV. Placements are perhaps one of the best things that people starting out in the industry can do to really get a taste for what publishing is all about from an insider’s perspective. A good placement can really make you stand out from the crowd and demonstrates your dedication to finding a role in the industry.

The Lutterworth Press offers work placements in both in the Editorial and the Sales and Publicity Departments for a minimum eight weeks.

Our latest Sales and Publicity Intern, Holly Crabbe, talks about her experiences at the Lutterworth Press and what she has learnt from the placement:

Working with a smaller independent publisher has definitely had its benefits. I don’t just make the tea for a start! My role varies between marketing, publicity and sales which stops me getting bored. One day I can be working on the publicity for a forthcoming title and writing a press release and the next I could be designing leaflets to take to a literary festival or copy editing a colleague’s work.

Updating our blogs with details of forthcoming titles and any conferences that we are due to attend is one of my favourite tasks. It’s a really great way to maintain an online presence and show what titles are about to be published. We have also recently created a Twitter account (@LuttPress if you’re interested!) and are slowly gaining followers interested in our publications.

At the moment in the office we are working on publicity material to take to the International Conference of Patristics in Oxford. This has included updating the catalogue with relevant titles, creating an advert to place in the conference’s programme and organising order forms to take with us.

I’ve also recently written a ‘Publicity Guide for Authors’ which has really helped me to get my head around the whole publicity process. The guide explains how the sales and publicity department approaches promoting a new title and how the author can work with us to help market their book. We are finding that using social networking platforms can be really useful for publicising titles (Look out for the highlights here soon!)

Perhaps the most challenging part of the role was getting used to the specialised language subject areas that working in a primarily academic publishing house demands. I often have to research the meaning of book titles before being able to write a press release so Google has become my best friend! I have, however, expanded my vocabulary and learnt a lot about theology, religion and philosophy that I had no idea about before.

Part of the reason I have found the placement so worthwhile is that I’ve been given a lot of responsibility and have contributed to decision making in the office. The internship has definitely paid off, as I have just been offered a permanent role in the department!

If you have any questions or would like more information about completing an internship at The Lutterworth Press, please contact us at

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