Lutterworth part of ‘huge celebration of God’s goodness, generosity & grace’

Lutterworth Press author Jonathan Macy will be speaking to a potential audience of 4,500(!) at this year’s New Wine conference in Shepton Mallet, Somerset.

The event, taking place from the 23rd-29th of this month, aims to bring together people

“The enduring value of this study, in addition to its help in the practice of pastoral ministry, will be its insistence on the transcendent mystery of him with whom we have to do, and also its opposition to two modern fashions: on the one hand a neglect of angels and, on the other, extravagant speculation about them.” The Rt Revd Alec Graham (former Bishop of Newcastle)

who want to be part of something bigger than their local church. The week promises an exciting programme of worship and learning for all ages and it gives us much pleasure to know that some of this spiritual development will be lead by one of our own.

What started out as a lunch time conversation with friends became the subject of Jonathan’s MTh dissertation and eventually the subject of his forthcoming book; and what an unusual subject it is!

‘Angels have never been discussed or presented from within a model of pastoral theology, but have nearly always been viewed through scholastic lenses – even by modern protestant writers. One methodology has dominated for a 1000 years. I have tried something unique by using a pastoral method/framework’ Jonathan told us.

For more information on local churches changing nations, check out the New Wine website.

To find out more about  Jonathan’s forthcoming book ‘In The Shadow of His Wings’ or to request a review copy, please contact: Fiona Christie at

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