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Happy National Poetry Day!

It’s National Poetry Day…apparently.

Here at the Lutterworth Press however we feel that poetry is for life, not just for October 6th (which seems a little arbitrary, who decides these things?).

Anyway, anything that raises interest in poetry is no bad thing, so in keeping with National Poetry Day here is a plethora of poetry publications to placate any particular penchant- look at that! I’m a poet and didn’t know it!

First Poems by Brenda Meredith Seymour

Beautifully illustrated, this collection of specially selected verses is ideal for introducing young children to the exciting realm of poetry, from the make-believe to the everyday.

Literature and Sacrament: The Sacred and the Secular in John Donne by Theresa M. DiPasquale

This acclaimed study of Donne’s secular and religious poetry places it in the context of 17th century theories of representation and reception, and sheds new light on the poetics of the period.

On Poetry by Giovanni Antonio Viperano

One of the most significant works of poetics of the Renaissance, covering the historical development of poetry, the theoretical basis of poetics, and the practicalities of reading and writing poetry.

Milton and the Preaching Arts by Jameela Lares

The first book to examine John Milton and his work from the perspective of the 17th Century art of preaching, and how this leads to a wider appreciation of his poetry and prose.

The Stream’s Secret: The Symbolism of Dante Gabriel Rossetti by Rodger Drew

An original study of the art and poetry of one of the founders of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, with a particular emphasis on the nature and the origins of his symbolism.

An Unexpected Light: Theology and Witness in the Poetry and Thought of Charles Williams, Micheal O’Siadhail and Geoffrey Hill by David C. Mahan

A challenging and original work that argues that the arts, and poetry in particular, offer an invaluable and under-explored medium for developing and communicating theological insights.

For more information on National Poetry Day have a look at the official website and find an event near you.


2 thoughts on “Happy National Poetry Day!

  1. I saw your blog post and was inspired to write a Haiku. Thank you Lutterworth Press!

    October the sixth –
    National Poetry Day.
    The Lutterworth Press.

    1. That Haiku has no imagination; I used to work at Lutterworth Press, before I moved to Japan, and I nearly choked on my nigiri when I saw your post.

      The Lutterworth Press
      Sends an intern for biscuits –
      it is a Thursday.

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