Special Offers

Will Apple go pear-shaped?

With many people wondering about the future of Apple after the tragic news of the death of Steve Jobs, we look back on the development of our now almost dependent relationship with computers.

The Cult of Information: The Folklore of Computers and the True Art of Thinking by Theodore Roszak is a thoughtful and balanced examination of the exaggerated claims made for computers and artificial intelligence.

“This thoughtful, sensitive and sane book heralds a coming new evaluation of the role of science and technology in the affairs of the human species. The quiet of Theodore Roszak’s words, the humanity of his tone, stand in stark contrast to the loud, self-serving cacophony of the simplistic outpourings of the neo-positivists, as represented by the artificial intelligentsia.”

-Joseph Weizenbaum, Professor of Computer Science, MIT

The Cult of Information is one of our special offers for October which are all related to the theme of science.

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