Lovin’ Angels Instead?

We’re an independent publisher and what we love most is original, independent authors (second only to ones who deliver on time).

Everything we publish here at Lutterworth Press, and the same goes at our sister imprint James Clarke and Co, is fantastically thought provoking and a little off the beaten track. This said, when we heard about Jonathan Macy’s book In the Shadow of his Wings, even we were surprised: angels do not often enter academic publishing.

However, independent soul that he is, Macy has changed all that and as a result has found that people want to hear about angelology!

Having spoken at the New Wine conference this summer Macy is building up quite a schedule of speaking events. The next is at 7:30pm on the 16th, at the Church of Christ the King in London (who by-the-way have a very swanky website).

Anyone interested in hearing Jonathan Macy talk about angels is welcome to attend the event and if people would like more info they can email Jamie Lee




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