We <3 Attenborough

Everyone is talking about Frozen Planet both on and off line. You can’t avoid it and why would you want to? At 21:00 GMT tonight, thousands of people will tune in to watch penguins fall over and to marvel at nature captured in more fantastic quality than ever before.

Everybody loves listening to Sir David Attenborough but how many of us have read him?

Way back in 1980, before he was knighted, Lutterworth Press published The Zoo Quest Expeditions.

114 photographs, including 17 in colour and 3 maps

Bringing together Attenborough’s accounts of three journeys – to Guyana where he explored the broad savannahs of the Rupununi, the creeks and swamps of the coast, and the remote forest reserve of the Amerindians; to Indonesia in search of the Komodo dragon; and to Paraguay to seek, among other animals, the elusive giant armadillo.

Looking through this book now, one can’t help but wonder what has happened, not only to the animals he sought for but to the people he met a long the way.

Attenborough’s narrative tells of faraway places, back when the world seemed larger, stranger and exotic was more than a mixed fruit flavour.

This book is an absolute must for any traveller, any animal lover or simply anyone who harbours a love for Sir David. (Christmas presents SORTED!)

For details on how to buy the book, simply click on the image.


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