Special Days

Lest We Forget

I bought a poppy a week ago almost without thinking. This morning I changed my facebook profile picture to a poppy almost without thinking and did the same on twitter. I must admit that, having no one else in my office, I was silent at 11 o’clock (and probably 11:11) but my thoughts were elsewhere.

It’s easy not to think too much about these things, but the horrors of war and conflict are never, in reality, far away.

My remembrance will happen on Sunday, with family and neighbours, gathered round our village war memorial after church. The combination of War and Faith is exceedingly complex these days but always has and will raise important questions about society, morality and ethics which must be addressed. The most common question faced by Christians when talking of war is the title of Luis Palau’s book, Where is God When Bad Things Happen?

Below is a list of titles around the themes of conflict and faith. Simply click on the images for more details, and don’t worry, they’re not all macabre 🙂

  After War, Is Faith Possible?
 An Anthology
By Geoffrey Studdert Kennedy and Kerry Walters (editor)

This timely volume brings together many of the most important writings of Geoffrey Studdert Kennedy, the influential Christian pacifist and campaigner for social justice.

Brewing for Victory
Brewers, Beers and Pubs in World War II By Brian Glover

A lively and entertaining popular history of breweries and public houses in Britain, showing how brewers and pubs helped the war effort and maintained morale during the Second World War.

   Justpeace Ethics
A Guide to Restorative Justice and Peacebuilding
By Jarem Sawatsky

A straightforward and practical guide to the ethics of resolving the problems that arise in the aftermath of conflict.

Fiftieth Royal Tank Regiment
The Complete History
By Stephen D Hamilton

A comprehensive history of one of the most reputed and active tank regiments of the Second World War, from their formation in 1939 through their actions with the Eighth Army in North Africa and Italy, to their disbandment in 1946.

The Germans We Trusted
Stories Which Had To Be Told
By Pamela Howe Taylor

An inspiring collection of thirty six true accounts of friendships formed between German prisoners of war and their ‘enemies’ during the Second World War.

In a Sailing Ship of War
By Ian Morrison

A lively and approachable account for young readers of life on board a Royal Navy vessel at the time of Trafalgar. Illustrated by the author.

Not Mentioned in Despatches
The History and Mythology of the Battle of Goose Green (Paperback Edition)
By Spencer Fitz-Gibbon

A controversial, detailed examination of the decisive events of the Falklands war, focusing on the Battle of Goose Green and questioning the media’s presentation of the heroic victory for the British.


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