“Never work with children or animals” the saying goes, but the media doesn’t do too well with science either.

It seems that if you can’t fit your explanation in 140 characters or less the general public is at a loss. Personally I don’t believe this to be true, but to when all you’re fed is sound bites and headlines its hard to understand what all the hype’s about – especially when they haven’t even found it yet, and what is IT anyway?!

Rather than jumping in at the deep end of particle physics, Higgs Force tells you a story, a story that starts with a great, big BANG!

What better way to introduce the forces at work in the universe? And from there the introduction of ideas, discoveries, inventors and inventions, scientists and theories is so gradual and well presented that even the hardest concepts – quarks and quantum fields – become comprehensible.

Don’t be mislead by the popular science label, Mee knows his muons from his gluons and the final chapters of this book defiantly exercise the dark matter upstairs (or is that just grey matter?). Even so, what makes this book fantastic is that you don’t need a PhD to understand it, and even better, once you do you will be able to astound your friends with your knowledge of just about everything from plum pudding (models of the atom) to quantum chromodynamics!

For more information on the book or the author, click the relevant underlining.

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