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Charles Dickens Bicentenary

Two hundred years ago, on 7th February, the second of a modest family of seven children was born in Portsmouth: at that time, the little Charles didn’t know that his story would go from rags to riches…

Are you studying Charles Dickens, are you working in an adjacent area, or are you simply interested in learning a bit more about the Britain’s most popular author of the 1830s? If that’s the case, join an international group of scholars to discuss the work of this energetic and inexhaustible writer.

The aim of this online discussion suggested by Wiley-Blackwell will be to illustrate the numerous ways in which the career of this great traveller influenced –and was influenced by- his contacts with other countries.

Everyone is welcome to take part in this online conference, so don’t hesitate to bring your opinion; you just need to log on to the discussion whenever it suits your schedule. Click here for more information!

Furthermore, did you know that it is possible to visit the house where Dickens was born, in Portsmouth? Click here for details.

If you want to discover the world’s most important Dickens collection, go to the Charles Dickens Museum in London and you will have the opportunity to admire over 100,000 items including manuscripts, rare editions, personal items, paintings, etc.

Click here to visit the website

Finally, if you are keen on being aware of all events, activities, celebrations, exhibitions, etc., marking the bicentenary of Dickens’s birth, check out this page


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