Special Days

#Falklands remembered

9pm Sunday night on BBC 2 will see Sir Max Hastings present “The Falklands Legacy” to mark the 30th anniversary of the Falklands War.

Son of the noted war correspondent Macdonald Hastings and himself a correspondent with the 1982 task force, Hastings seems ideally placed to reflect on the events of the war themselves as well as the effect it had on the nations involved.

It is in fact the media’s representation of the battles that followed Argentina’s invasion of the Falkland Islands , and in particular the battle of Goose Green, that is the subject of Spencer Fitz-Gibbon’s book Not Mentioned in Despatches…

Required reading for anyone with a serious interest in warfare, organisation studies, and management generally, as well as those concerned with how history becomes distorted, this book shows how important lessons have been ignored as a result of inaccurate reporting and unquestioning glorification of the British military performance.

‘The most impressive military analysis that I have ever read. It creates a new dimension, a new approach, a new style’

– Michael Elliott-Bateman, Former Head of Military Studies at Manchester University.

It will be interesting to see, as Hastings makes the inevitable comparison between the Falklands War and more recent campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan, whether he makes any critical comment on the media representation of warfare. As a representative of those charged with the task I suspect not, in which case Fitz-Gibbon’s extrordinarily insightful book provides the pinch of salt necessary to ensure that our ideas of legacy do not become rose-tinted.

For more information on this book and how to buy it, simply click on the cover image above.


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