Long Live Tirzah Garwood!

Eric Ravilious, by Helen Binyon

Eric Ravilious was among the foremost of English artists to emerge between the wars. Remembered as one of the great original wood engravers, he rose to fame as an artist in the 1920s and went onto become one of the best-known artists of the time. His murals, watercolours and pottery designs for Wegwood are still widely celebrated today, although it was in the field of landscape painting that Ravilious really excelled.

His life was tragically cut short in 1942, and it was left to his good friend Helen Binyon to present his fascinating story in Eric Ravilious: Memoir of an Artist.  This month, his work can be admired at an exhibition at the Fry Gallery in Saffron Walden. ‘Long Live Great Bardfield’ is a show supporting the autobiography of Ravilious’ wife, Tirzah Garwood, in paintings, prints, drawings and photographs.

The exhibition runs from 8th – 24th June and is sure to provide a fascinating insight into the lives and works of the two noted artists and engravers. Don’t miss out if you can help it!

Eric Ravilious 1936

‘Two Women in the Garden’ by Eric Ravilious 1936


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