Special Days

RRS Discovery celebrates her 50th birthday

RRS Discovery AYool.JPG On 3rd July this year the British Royal Research Ship celebrates her 50th birthday. Named after Captain Scott’s legendary vessel which made the first successful voyage to the Antarctic in 1901, this beauty is no less awe-inspiring than her namesake. The history begun by the pre-war research carried out in the vast, perplexing Southern Ocean is an utterly stunning narrative. After the outbreak of the Second World War, a small group of young scientists was brought together under the inspirational leadership of Dr George Deacon, to study how the movements of the waves affected amphibious landings. These groups were to form the core of the UK’s first National Institute of Oceanography when it was founded in 1949. Discover for yourself the intriguing story of the RRS Discovery in Of Seas and Ships and Scientists today!

Of Seas and Ships and Scientists, by Anthony Laughton, John Gould, 'Tom' Tucker and Howard Roe (editors)

The RRS Discovery findings underpin much of our modern-day marine science. She is still an extremely capable science platform, completing over 300 science cruises during her career. Until 2006, she was the largest general purpose oceanographic research vessel in use in the UK. Now, replaced by a new ship named Discovery, she can be seen today at the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton where her birthday will be celebrated by around 200 people who have been involved with her life. Be part of the celebrations with this fascinating account of the discoveries which changed our preconceptions of how the oceans ‘work’.

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