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Good News for Political Bloggers!

Image by Jacqueline Stephens

“The future looks pretty good” says Heather Parton of Hullabaloo on the role of individuals in the development of the political blogosphere. Since the late 1990s blogs have become increasingly influential on the political world stage. Cheryl Contee of the hit website Jack & Jill Politics agrees: “We’ve gone from being seen as crackpots to becoming mainstream, important voices”. In recent years there has been an explosion of political opinions and ideas being shared across the Internet. Yet, a select few political bloggers run the monopoly on serious traffic to their sites.

Known as the “political blogging A-list”, bloggers including Arianna Huffington, Taegan Goddard, Jane Hamsher and Eric Olsen command the majority of blogging traffic; set the agenda for the rest of the political blogosphere; and have a strong influence on politics. In fact, The Observer has named The Huffington Post the “Most Powerful Blog in the World.” And Jack & Jill Politics has become so well-known and respected that it’s now on theWhite House’s official media list. If you want to discover the top tips of creating your own hit political blog straight from the world’s top 20 political bloggers, then Making it in the Political Blogosphere by Tanni Haas is the book for you!

In the lead up to the U.S. elections, more people than ever are tapping into political blogs to get the lowdown on each of the candidates. So this year really is a great time to start a political blog, and it just got even better because each of the interviews is now available as a mini eBook exclusively on Amazon Kindle for only £1.94 (or $2.99 in the US).

And if you are an aspiring political blogger, there’s even more good news, as studies show that political blog readers spend more time reading blogs than do readers of any other kind of blog (five blogs a day, up to 10 hours a week) with many political blog enthusiasts.

 According to Heather Parton of Hullabaloo, “Every year someone new comes along and breaks through. There’ll always be room for independent voices that represent something that people aren’t hearing or getting elsewhere.” And what these political bloggers all have in common is that they feel optimistic about the survival of the political blogosphere in the future!

So if you’re a political junkie who aspires to be the next Arianna Huffington; or you’re a sucker for blogs like Antiwar.com, Top of the Ticket and The Washington Note, check out our mini eBooks today, only at Amazon.

(Top image by Jacqueline Stephens)

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