Kilvert’s World of Wonders

Have you ever wondered what it was like to grow up in Victorian England – what it felt like to see the expansion of the railroads, the ever broadening reach of the industrial revolution, to live in the time of Dickens? Well, you need wonder no longer. John Toman brings us his third volume on the English diarist Francis Kilvert, through whose diaries we can experience the height of the Victorian era.9780718893019_cover Kilvert.indd

Toman aims to portray a different side of Kilvert, rather than pinning him solely as a quaint preacher with a love of the English countryside. He shows us a Kilvert who is dealing with the intrusion of industrialisation, science, and secularism on his beloved country. Surprisingly, Kilvert seemed to welcome these new advances in society, and indeed, saw them as opening a new ‘world of wonders’.

In this new approach, Toman goes beyond Kilvert’s diaries and places them within their  world context, evaluating Kilvert’s family life and the lives of other Victorian families to help readers see Kilvert in a new light. Aside from containing wonderful descriptions of the beautiful English countryside, Kilvert’s diaries give us an incomparable account of life in Victorian Britain: the tensions between tradition and change, inertia and progress, and rural and urban/industrial life.

Pick up Kilvert’s World of Wonders when it becomes available on 30/05/2013 and gain a window into the Victorian world.


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