Will there be #Peace for #NorthKorea?

The increasing frequency of news about new threats from North Korea has the world worried. What will happen if the situation deteriorates further? Will North Korea make good on its many promises and attack? Will the right application of diplomacy help defuse the ticking bomb that is Kim Jong-Un? In stressful times like these we all wish for world peace, a subject on which G.A. Studdert Kennedy wrote with great expertise.

“There are no words foul and filthy enough to describe war,” said Geoffrey Studdert Kennedy, a chaplain who served on the front lines in WWI. After his terrible wartime experience he became a devout defender of Christian pacifism, and promoted economic justice throughout the world. You can read a collection of his most important and inspirational writings in the book After War is Faith Possible? 

What would Kennedy make of the burgeoning conflict with North Korea? What can be done today to promote economic justice and pacifism in North Korea and other war-hungry states? Somehow these leaders must realize that threatening nuclear war is not the answer to their problems. The world is fraught with too much conflict, when all we really need is love. And peace.

Here are some books we have to offer on the subject of war and peace and their place within religion in addition to the forthcoming title Gods and Arms mentioned previously on this blog.

After War, Is Faith Possible?, by Geoffrey Studdert Kennedy and Kerry Walters (editor)After War is Faith Possible? by G.A. Studdert Kennedy and Kerry Walters (editor).

Disscussed above, this volume brings together many of the most important writings of Geoffrey Studdert Kennedy, the influential Christian pacifist and campaigner for social justice. ((£18.50 on our website)

Justpeace Ethics, by Jarem SawatskyJustpeace Ethics by Jarem Sawatsky

A straightforward and practical guide to the ethics of resolving the problems that arise in the aftermath of conflict. (£16.00 on our website)

Peace is the Way, by Cyril Wright and Tony AusgardePeace is the Way

A collection of essays which explore the nature of pacifism, covering a wide range of topical issues from a pacifist perspective, and including profiles of influential peacemakers such as Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Vera Brittain. (£10.75 on our website)

War and the Gospel, by Jean LasserreWar and the Gospel by Jean Lasserre

A discussion of the Christian approach to war, peace and obedience to the state, based on a careful reading of the Bible. (£13.50 from James Clarke & Co. website)

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