The changing faces of the Christian God

Rock of Ages? The changing faces of the Christian God is a new enlightening work by John Butler that will be published at the end of June.

Click the image for more information, extracts and how to buy.

In this book, the author argues that the God of Christian history and tradition has had many different and often conflicting faces and he provides a detailed historical overview of the ways in which God has been understood over the centuries. His survey starts with the faces of the gods of Canaan, most likely the precursors to the Yahweh of the Old Testament and ends with the non-theistic faces of God that became important by the end of the twentieth century.

It’s a really personal exploration of God that the author conducts in a persuasive way, by showing us some of the major developments the human understanding of the God of the Christian faith has undergone.

Butler gives us no answer to the question of the contradictory faces of God, on the contrary he allows readers to examine the evidence for themselves and make their own conclusions.


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