Forthcoming Title – ‘Rock of Ages?’


Rock of Ages?
The changing faces of the Christian God

By John Butler
ISBN: 9780718892968

Due for release 30/05/2013

9780718892968_cover rock.inddRock of Ages? provides a historical overview of the different and sometimes conflicting ways in which God has been understood from 1800 BCE through to the late twentieth century. Butler explores one central question: Why is it that people across the ages have claimed to have seen so many different and contradictory faces of the Christian God?

As an adult, Butler realized that the Christian God was far more complicated than the carefully selected and sanitised God he had been exposed to in childhood. Butler surveys the different faces of God throughout history, beginning with the gods of Canaan, most likely the precursors to the Yahweh of the Old Testament, and ending with the non-theistic faces of God that started to gain influence by the end of the twentieth century. He aims to show and evaluate some of the major developments the human understanding of the God of the Christian faith has undergone.

Butler offers no answer to the question of the contradictory faces of God, but allows readers to examine the evidence for themselves and make their own conclusions. Written in a clear and attractive style, this is a book does not assume prior knowledge of history, theology or philosophy, and will appeal to atheists, Christians looking to explore their faith, students or anyone interested in the history of religion.


About the Author: John Butler is now retired, having worked as an academic at the Universities of Nottingham, Manchester, and Kent. He has the title of Emeritus Professor of Health Services Studies at the University of Kent. He is a life Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine and a guide at Canterbury Cathedral. His last book, The Red Dean of Canterbury (2011) was chosen by former Archbishop Rowan Williams as his Book of the Year 2011 in the New Statesman.

About the Publisher: The Lutterworth Press has been trading since the eighteenth century and is one of the longest established and best-known independent publishers in the United Kingdom. It has been associated with James Clarke & Co. since 1984.

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