Review! Atheism for Beginners

Atheism for Beginners 9780718892913
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Atheism for Beginners: A Coursebook for Schools and Colleges, by Michael Palmer, ISBN 9780718892913

“The style is clear and approachable, and the reading doesn’t require specific knowledge of the philosophical field. […] The aim is to teach students how to think logically in order to make them able to critically judge various theistic/creationist/fatalistic arguments that religions advance in their support and don’t let them be deceived by logically incoherent and slanted reasoning. […] The last chapter is particularly interesting as it deals with recent developments of disproof Atheism – by contemporary philosophers as Alfred j. Ayer, John N. Findlay, Michael Martin, Nicholas Everitt, etc.”

Enrica Rota, L’Ateo, Number 4, July 2013


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