9780718892845_cover john#.inddJohn

New Covenant Commentary Series

By Jey J. Kanagaraj

ISBN: 9780718892845

Due for release: 26/09/2013

In the late first century there was great intermingling of different religious and philosophical ideas suggesting that the Gospel of John would have have been writ­ten in a pluralistic context comparable to our own time. Then as now its ambition was to proclaim Jesus as the Son of God to the world, and to confirm the faith of believers.

In this commentary Kanagaraj explores the text of John, its presentation of Jesus’ sacrificial death, resurrection, and post crucifixion appearances and also Jesus’ vision of the constitution and function of a new humanity, called “God’s new com­munity,” that is bound to God by the new covenant made in Himself.

It is examined how this new community was formed around Jesus in a covenantal relationship with God and how it extended and continues to draw into itself a diverse range of people. The community envisioned by Jesus, rooted in and shaped by the cross, is characterized by two virtues: love and obedience. Impossible to exhibit under the old covenant based on Moses’ Law, these qualities became possible by the initiative grace and faithfulness of God revealed in Jesus and demonstrated by the power of the Spirit.

The New Covenant Commentary Series (NCCS) is designed for ministers and stu­dents who require a commentary that interacts with the text and context of each New Testament book and pays specific attention to the impact of the text upon the faith and praxis of contemporary faith communities. The contributors come from a diverse array of backgrounds in regards to their Christian denominations and countries of origin. NCCS aims to engage in the task of biblical interpretation and theological reflection from the perspective of the global church and to provide an occasion for authors to reflect on how the New Testament impacts the life, faith, ministry, and witness of the New Covenant Community today.


About the Author: Jey J. Kanagaraj is Professor of New Testament who served a number of years at the Union Biblical Seminary, Pune, India, and who was the Principal of Bethel Bible Institute near Salem, India. He is the author of “Mysticism” in the Gospel of John: An Inquiry into its Background (1998), and of another commentary on John’s Gospel written to the Indian context (2005). In addition, he has edited two books and published numerous articles.

About the Publisher: The Lutterworth Press has been trading since the eighteenth century and is one of the longest established and best-known independent publishers in the United Kingdom. It has been associated with James Clarke & Co. since 1984.

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