At Home in the World


9780718893224_cover at home.indd


At Home in the World

A Study in Psychoanalysis, Religion, and Art

By Donald Capps

ISBN: 9780718893224

Due for release: 26/08/ 2013



Focusing on art as a means to explore the formation and continuing expression of mens’ sense of self and in particular their religious sensibilities, At Home in the World is an original new study of men, melancholy and religion.

Donald Capps claims that two key psychosocial processes for men – leaving the security of home to take one’s place in the world and the desire to be at home in the world – have roots in early childhood, and especially in the experience of emotional separation from one’s mother as a result of natural maturation.

Making particular use of Sigmund Freud’s essay ‘Mourning and Melancholia’ and the view of the “composite Self” proposed by Erik H. Erikson, Capps goes on to suggest that the resulting sense of having lost something precious, remains with men throughout their lives and shapes mens’ religious sensibility through their development out of a melancholia to a sense of honour, a sense of humour, and most importantly a sense of hope.

Using famous images including works by Johannes Vermeer, Norman Rockwell and Leonardo da Vinci, Capps explores their associations with the maternal emotional environment and establishes them as potential loci of peace and contentment for men searching to feel ‘at home in the world’.

Those involved in art therapy, art history, psychoanalysis and religious studies will find much in this new work, while those familiar with Donald Capps work will recognise this book as a continuation of the author’s exploration of a subject in which he has been interested for many years.


About the Author: Donald Capps is William Harte Felmeth Professor of Pastoral Theology Emeritus and Adjunct Professor at Princeton Theological Seminary. He is the author of Striking Out: The Religious Journey of Teenage Boys (2011) and Understanding Psychosis (2010), and is co-author with Nathan Carlin of Living in Limbo: Life in the Midst of Uncertainty (2010).

About the Publisher: The Lutterworth Press has been trading since the eighteenth century and is one of the longest established and best-known independent publishers in the United Kingdom. It has been associated with James Clarke & Co. since 1984.

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