Review! Worshipping Trinity

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Worshipping Trinity

Coming Back to the Heart of Worship

by Robin A. Parry

ISBN: 9780718893170

 “This is a fine book; certainly, a fine book for the right people! Robin Parry’s text is written for those whose ecclesial/liturgical traditions are found lacking in their presentation – if not understanding – of the Trinity. Written in an accessible conversational style, Parry is writing primarily to those in ‘praise and worship’ traditions, and at times turns directly to those who compose contemporary Christian music, and other times to those who lead worship using those songs. In some ways, this text functions as a mystagogical catechesis for those with little or no catechetical training. … [Parry] shows deftness in walking the line between ancient resources and contemporary practices, and at times between scripture and tradition. […] This would be a provocative text for study, in part or whole, in Adult Education or a Worship Committee. But maybe its most important audience is the pastors who do not plan the worship service in their church – and who know much or all of this content – but have never made the connection between their theology and worship choices. This may invoke some very helpful conversations in churches near and far.”

Todd E. Johnson, in Pneuma, Vol 35 (2013), 1–62


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