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Remember Henry Suso 719 years later!


Today, there is a birthday to celebrate! Born on the 21st March about 1295, Henry Suso, also known by his pen name Amandus, was one of the most relevant German mystics of the 14th century, together with Meister Eckhardt and Johannes Tauler.

Raised in the bosom of a noble and devoted family, Suso’’s upbringing very soon lead him to a holy path. When just thirteen, he was admitted to a Dominican monastery in his home town, Constance, where he not only started his preparatory studies in Philosophy and Theology, but, as later wrote in his biography, The Life of the Servant, made himself “the “Servant of the Eternal Wisdom””.

The Life of Servant encompasses all the significant periods of Suso’s life: his studies both in Strasbourg (1319-1321) and Cologne (1324-1327), where he met the masters of mysticism, his influence in the Friends of God movement and in many female religious communities, as well as his years as a lecturer in Ulm, to where he went in 1348 and remained until his death, in 1366. Henry Suso was beatified by Gregory XVI in 1831.

The book was never intended to be published, and today we owe the existence of this invaluable document to Elsbeth Stagel, prioress of the convent of Dominican nuns in Töss. She preserved the majority of Suso’’s letters and gathered his writings into what is nowadays known as the biography The Life of the Servant.

We are proud to be reprinting James M. Clark’s translation of The Life of the Servant next month, so why not either revisit or explore the doctrine of this noted spiritual writer and saint with us?

The Life of the Servant will be available on the 24th of April, by Lutterworth Press!

Life of the Servant 9780718893439

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