Review! Mere Education

Mere Education 9780718893255
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Mere Education

C.S. Lewis as Teacher for our Time

by Mark A. Pike

ISBN: 9780718893255

“This clear, well-written and concise book casts much light on the practice of education in general and on the nature of Christian education in particular. […] In offering a blend of Christian wisdom and conservative sentiments, the author faithfully reflects his subject who conveyed a counter-cultural perspective that remains stimulating and that deserves to be reflected on seriously. This book could profitably be put in the hands of prospective teachers, but would also be interesting for more experienced teachers and anyone with a concern for the health of our educational institutions and our culture. A strong feature of the book is the way that Pike relates the insights of his subject to developments in society today. This study is effectively informed and enriched by Pike’s own scholarship in language, literature, reading, learning, citizenship and moral education and it is illuminated by homely examples drawn from his experience as a parent as well as an educational researcher.”

John Sullivan, Liverpool Hope University,
in Theological Book Review (tbr), Vol. 25, No.2, 2013


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