The Signature of all Things

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Click on the image for more information and details!

The Signature of all Things

 By Jacob Boehme

ISBN: 9780718893446

 Due for release: 29/05/2014

 The Signature of All Things is the classic tome of Jacob Boehme’s theosophy. A central figure of Reformation thought and forerunner of German Romanticism, the Christian mystic Boehme was a key influence upon many remarkable thinkers, including George Fox (Father of Quakerism), the Cambridge Platonists, Isaac Newton, William Law, William Blake, G.W.F. Hegel, Friedrich Nietzsche, Carl Jung and even Phillip K. Dick.

 First published in 1621, De Signatura Rerum, as originally entitled in Latin, expounds the premises of Boehme’s mystical pantheism and dialectical conception of God, advocating that it is in God that good and evil are intrinsically rooted. The philosopher argues for new conceptual understandings of ‘human’, ‘divine’, and ‘natural’, while at the same time proposes an inaugural cosmology centred on mystical experience. Boehme’s endeavour to express a new conception of the universe is here synthesised in the fundamental concept of Ungrund, “the unknowable”, a mysterious bottomless state that serves as the foundation of his concept of the Trinity. Bringing together alchemy, astrology, spiritually, astronomy and physics, Boehme enlivens with accurate refinement the mysteries behind the laws and cycles of the universe.

 A seminal piece of Christian Gnosticism, mystical philosophy, and theosophy, The Signature of All Things is an invaluable document of Reformation thought. Despite attempts to suppress Boehme’s works – not only this volume, but also equally noteworthy titles, such as Aurora – his works endured and were widely translated into many languages. This republication offers an excellent opportunity to discover or rediscover the work of Jacob Boehme, which will certainly benefit students, scholars and anyone interested in the Reformation.



About the Author: The seventeenth-century mystic and theosophist Jacob Boehme (1575-1624) was a forerunner of the German Romantic movement. Credited by Hegel as ‘the first German philosopher’, his major works include Aurora (1612) and Mysterium Magnum (1623).


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