Reviews! ‘Richard Aldington’ By Vivien Whelpton

Click on the image for more information and details!
Click on the image for more information and details!

Richard Aldington

Poet, Soldier and Lover 1911-1929

by Vivien Whelpton

ISBN: 9780718893187

“… Aldington is almost a forgotten figure in today’s discussion, and so it is good to welcome Vivien Whelpton’s new biography… To describe Aldington as a complicated individual is an understatement, and to call his relationships with other people complex is equally inadequate. It is one of the strengths of Whelpton’s biography that she examines these complexities with great patience, clarity and objectivity… Whelpton is scrupulous in distinguishing between documented fact and fictionalized reconstruction and hypothesis… To read this biography is to be convicted that Aldington still deserves and important place in the history of English literature and literary life of the twentieth century. Vivien Whelpton has thus written a challenging book about an author most publishers still prefer to ignore, and Lutterworth Press is to be congratulated for publishing it.”

Adrian Barlow, The Use of English, Vol. 65 N. 3 Summer 2014



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