Free Chapter Available! A critique of the anthropocentrism that is leading us

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Exploring Earthiness

The Reality and Perception of Being Human Today

by Anne Primavesi

ISBN: 9780718893392

A timely and rigorous critique of the pervasive anthropocentrism that is leading us towards environmental ruin, offering instead a spiritually and scientifically informed Earth-focused vision of what it is to be human.


Chapter 1: Resourceful Earth:
The pillars of classical logic may appear to have fallen into ruins like the Pergamon Frieze. But their mythic and religious strength continues to support a vertical, hierarchical view of our relationship with Earth, seemingly based on our own observations and presuppositions about ourselves. Our measurements of space and time have, it is true, expanded the limits of our knowledge. But this has not, as yet, shattered the human mental categories supporting a vertical vision of our being “in charge” of Earth: whether through divine appointment or by exercising… A free download of this chapter is available on our website, click here!


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