Free Chapter Available! Preaching the Darkest Psalm – A collection of essays on preaching

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The Centrality of Scripture in Preaching

by Ian Stackhouse and Oliver D. Crisp (editors)

ISBN: 9780718893514

A collection of essays on preaching by an international group of scholars and pastors, united around a vision of preaching as complex practice embedded in a rich tradition and performed out of deep theological conviction.



Chapter 1: Preaching the Darkest Psalm:

Thirty years ago, when I began my teaching career at Bethel Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota, I was asked to teach an elective class on the book of Psalms. Since I had never even taken a course on Psalms—let alone taught one!—it was  something of a challenge. Yet, I immersed myself in the book of Psalms and the secondary literature that summer and man-aged to make my way through the term without prompting a student revolt. And, in the process, I learned… A free download of this chapter is available on our website, click here!

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