Free Chapter Available! Playing with Dragons, A fascinating study of biblical imagery

Playing with Dragons 9780718893484Playing with Dragons

Living with Suffering and God

by Andy Angel

ISBN: 9780718893484

A fascinating study of a neglected form of biblical imagery, showing how the portrayal of dragons and similar beings in the scriptures creates a context and language through which the experience of suffering can be explored.



Chapter 1: By Way Of Background:

Probably the best known of these myths is the Babylonian story known as the Enuma Elish. Trouble is brewing in the courts of heaven. The mother god Tiamat and the father god Apsu have had a row about how to handle their noisy children. Apsu and his vizier Mummu wanted to kill them. Tiamat said that they had to put up with the noise. Apsu and his sidekick decided to go ahead with their plan anyway. One of the children, the god Ea, got wind of this and had… A free download of this chapter is available on our website, click here!

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