Review! Luther’s Revolution

luther's revolution
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Luther’s Revolution

The Political Dimensions of Martin Luther’s Universal Priesthood

By Nathan Montover

ISBN: 9780227680148

“[…] Montover guides the reader through an issue-oriented discussion of the political discontent of Germany to contextualise the political ramifications covering the major issues like indulgences, the titular obligation of the Holy Roman Empire and foreign taxation schemes. Montover is most insightful in the frequently neglected discussion on the gravinum, the mechanisms of German grievances towards the papacy. […] Montover’s work adds yet another voice to the debate on the political ramifications of Luther’s theology and to what extent they governed his doctrinal positions. […] This book will lend itself to students of Luther and the reformation in conjunction with other studies in Luther’s political thought.”

B. Brodie, in The expository Times, Vol. 126, Issue 4, January 2015

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