Nec tamen consumebatur


From May 16th to May 22nd will be held in Edinburg the 2015 General Assembly of the Church of Scotland. The first assembly took place in 1560 after the Scottish Reformation that created what is informally known as the Kirk. That’s 455 years of debates and questioning (if you are wondering if I calculated this in my head, the answer is yes, what I wouldn’t for the sake investigation). The Assembly is an occasion for the Church of Scotland to reflect and discuss the matters of gospel and faith, the trying questions that a twenty-first century church have to face in the ever-changing modern world. This is also an opportunity for us to focus on this institution in those post-election times, to maybe have a better understanding of the powers at play. If the Kirk is not a national church as is the Church of England, it is no question that its voice carries weight in the current issues as it always did.

As to confirm that the interest is very much alive for the institution, one of our forthcoming title to be published in 2016 will focus on Thomas Chalmers, once leader of the Church of Scotland and one of the most important churchman in the 19th century (The Pilgrimage and Conversion of Thomas Chalmers: Following his journey from Anstruther to Glasgow by David C. Jackson). I also greatly encourage you to check our title, Send Back the Money!: The Free Church of Scotland and American Slavery by Iain Whyte to learn about this important event in the history of the Church.

If you want to follow the General Assembly, the debates will be webcasted at the following link: and a regular updates are available on the website of the Church of Scotland. This year again, the event will certainly raise many important questions and promise certainly be very interesting and compelling for the curious minds.

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