Special Days

Jewish Book Week!

It’s happening right now so if you’ve been out of the loop you’d better hop to it and check out their website below to see what events are still on and still available.


At the Lutterworth Press we are strong believers in supporting cultural events and we also like to cheekily remind people of our related books. As theological, historical and academic publishers it should come as no surprise that we have a back catalogue full of relevant titles, just check out our website and that of our brother imprint James Clarke & Co or keep reading for a few highlights.

Simone Weil 9780718894269

One of our most recently published books is Simone Weil by Maria Clara Bingemer, and translated by Karen M. Kraft. The work reflects on the life and legacy or an exceptional and enigmatic woman, philospher and French Jewish mystic Simone Weil. In a Europe heading toward World War II, this woman of fragile health but indomitable spirit denounced the contradictions of the capitalist system, the brutality of Nazism, and the paradox of bourgeois thought. Curious and insatiable, she wanted to experience, in the flesh, the suffering of society’s least fortunate and the truths of other religions. And that is why her story merits being told as one of the great witnesses of our age.

Huldah 9780718893125

Huldah is considered as one of the greatest women of antiquity as well as a feminist heroine. In Huldah: The Prophet Who Wrote Hebrew Scripture Preston Kavanagh’s work demonstrates the great impact of the prophet Huldah on the Bible. The author explores Huldah’s influence on Israel’s history, including her writing of the Shema; the ardent, prayerful praise that millions of worshipers repeat twice daily.

Huldah provided a feminine interpretation of God’s Word and succeeded in leaving her mark in one of the most prolific periods for the writing of Hebrew Scripture. Kavanagh’s discoveries include an examination of Scriptural writing techniques that reveal hidden mechanisms within the Bible: biblical writers played with words to spell covert names by using anagrams and coded spellings. Huldah’s use of these devices made her an extraordinary writer as well as one of the most influential biblical prophets.

Qumran 071882458X

Delving further back into our catalogue, Qumran, published in 2004, is a fascinating account of a more archeaological aspect of Jewish history, exploring the ancient Jewish settlement of Khirbet Qumran, where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found. Until the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls in 1947, and the subsequent excavation of Khirbet Qumran, the existence of a Jewish settlement near the Dead Sea remained unsuspected by biblical scholars. Apart from one possible allusion in the Old Testament, the site is unrecorded in the Bible, and no hint emerges of the fascinating community which inhabited it in Jesus’ own day. The only substantial corpus of Jewish literature from this time, the scrolls offer the reader an insight into the organisation of the community and its daily activities, the religious and philosophical beliefs, rituals and hopes, which characterised Judaism in the first century AD.

We hope you enjoy our titles and please comment with your opinons and experiences of Jewish Book Week, our titles or anything theologically fascinating!


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