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World Poetry Day

By Heshani G. Arachchige

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March 21st marks World Poetry Day. On this day we celebrate all things poetry, be it reading, teaching, or publishing.

The Lutterworth Press provides a range of books celebrating poetry which study the art form and its artists through multiple perspectives. Find the collection below, alongside some helpful links to the books in case you want some further detail!

The Stream's Secret

The Stream’s Secret
The Symbolism of Dante Gabriel Rossetti
By Roger Drew

An original study of the art and poetry of one of the founders of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, with a particular emphasis on the nature and the origins of his symbolism.

“Having read Drew’s book I feel I understand the mind of this remarkable man a good deal better.”
Journal of William Morris Studies

Find here.


Richard Aldington
Poet, Soldier, and Lover
By Vivien Whelpton

A new and insightful biography of the war poet and novelist Richard Aldington, exploring his pre-war, wartime and post-war experiences, writings and relationships.

“This is an absorbing and thorough discussion of Aldington’s life and work, and illuminates the cultural life of London throughout the period. … The research is thorough and presented with a remarkably light touch, considering the level of detail here. Vivien Whelpton is to be congratulated on a very substantial achievement in a book which will long resonate with its readers.”
Alliance Of Literary Societies Newsletter, Summer 2014

Find here.

Private Lives of the Ancient Mariner
privateColeridge and his Children

By Molly Lefebure

A fascinating new study of Samuel Taylor Coleridge, illuminating the poet’s deeply troubled personality and stormy personal life through a highly original study of his relationships.

“[Molly Lefebure’s] insight into Coleridge’s marriage is second to none. Her perception of him as a man and a poet is intellectually formidable. She can be both critical and understanding on the same page. There is a full field of Coleridge scholars at the moment, but in my view Molly was in there first, and is still the outstanding one.”
Lord Melvyn Bragg

Find here.


Anglo-Catholic in Religion
T.S. Eliot and Christianity
By Barry Spurr

A major and ground-breaking analysis of the role played by Anglo-Catholicism in the life and work of the poet T.S. Eliot.

“No previous writer has managed to explain Eliot’s churchmanship and relate it to his poetry as well as Barry Spurr … deserve[s] a wide readership.”
Paul Richardson, in The Church of England Newspaper

Find here.

lordLord of Life
By Frank Topping

A collection of poems and meditations on the experience of God’s presence in everyday life. Illustrated by Noeline Kelly and Alexander Grenfell.

Before being ordained to the Methodist ministry in 1970, Frank Topping worked in the theatre and television, both as a producer and a performer. He then worked for BBC Radio Bristol before moving to BBC London in 1974. He is known not only through his radio broadcasts but also because of his West End partnership with Donald Swan in ‘Swann and Topping’ and his television series ‘Topping on Sunday’.

Find here.


Passion for Living
John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester
By R. E. Pritchard

A new and insightful literary biography of the poet and libertine John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester, placing his work firmly in the literary, intellectual and political contexts of his time.

R.E. Pritchard was formally a lecturer at Keele University. A selection of his publications include: Poetry by English Women, The Sidney Psalms, Dickens’s England, Shakespeare’s England, and D.H. Laurence: Body of Darkness.

Find here.

Head to James Clarke & Co.’s blog to check out their titles celebrating World Poetry Day!


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