Special Offers

Monthly Special Offers!

There’s only a few days left of March so hurry and check out our monthly special offers, one title 20% off and three more at 10% off!

March’s monthly offers are:

Why Resurrection?
An Introduction to the Belief in the Afterlife in Judaism and Christianity

Why Ressurection 9780718892524

By Carlos Blanco

Was £15.50, now £13.18
Book of the Month: 20% Discount
A theological and philosophical study of how Judaeo-Christian concepts of the resurrection of the dead developed as an eschatological response to the problem of evil.

Hidden in Plain Sight
Esther and a Marginalised Hermeneutic

Hidden in Plain cover.indd

By Robert P. Debelak Jr

Was £16.00, now £14.40
Special Offer: 10% Discount
Taking as its focus the Old Testament Book of Esther, this exploration of biblical narrative develops a reading and study method that engages directly with the text.

The Spontaneous Expansion of the Church
and the Causes Which Hinder it

Spontaneous Expansion 9780718891718

By Roland Allen

Was £16.50, now £14.85
Special Offer: 10% Discount
Although first published in 1927, this challenging study still dares today’s reader to re-assess common and erroneous assumptions about the relation between churches and missions.

Meditations of Purity, Hospitality, and Mortality

9780718892562 Unclean

By Richard Beck

Was £20.00, now £18.00
Special Offer: 10% Discount
An insightful and engaging combination of psychology and theology that explores the tensions between the exclusivity of a holiness based on notions of purity and the inclusivity of mercy.

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