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It’s National Flower Arranging Day!

With Springtime now truly upon us and temperatures rising by the day, the National Association of Flower Arrangement Societies, or NAFAS as they are more commonly known, have placed 6th May as National Flower Arranging Day!

Following the great success of ‘The Lonely Bouquet’ campaign last year, members of the societies have gathered to leave bouquets of posies across Britain to demonstrate random acts of kindness. The flowers will each have unique tags, urging passers-by to take the bouquets home to enjoy;  urging more people to take up the art of flower arranging.

Inspired by the kindness seen in NAFAS’ National Flower Arranging campaign, here at The Lutterworth Press, we would be delighted to share with you our garden-centric, green-fingered book, perfect for a Friday afternoon read…

Masters of their Craft 9780718893231
Masters of their Craft: The Art, Architecture and Garden Designs of the Nesfields by Shirley Rose Evans

In this informative and charming volume, Dr Shirley Evans explores the lives of two of the most prominent designers of the nineteenth century; designers who have left their distinctive mark on buildings and gardens throughout the British Isles. William Andrews Nesfield and William Eden Nesfield, father and son, were infatuated with the beauty and romance of the past, and both played an important role in the nineteeth-century revivals of the Jacobean, Renaissance and Gothic styles.

A masterful work of biography and art history, telling the story of the eminent Victorian designers William Andrews Nesfield and William Eden Nesfield, the development of their styles, and their legacy for British architecture and design.

Extensively illustrated, Masters of their Craft will be of great interest to enthusiasts of the remarkable work of the Nesfields in particular, and of Victorian design in general.

“This book is a serious read and a historical account of the changes going on in public parks and private estates and it is also a very handy reference work about the many scores of stately homes and country estates that the Nesfields added to in many ways.”
RW, in Follies: The International Magazine, Vol 24, Issue 1

“Shirley Rose Evans’ long-awaited study of the Nesfields launches them into the limelight at last; her warm-hearted and colourful family saga of war and peace, of dutiful soldiering unleashed into passions for watercolours, decorative gardening and architecture reveals the humanity of these Victorian taste-makers.”
Jane Brown, author of The Pursuit of Paradise, Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown 1716-83 and A History of the Garden at Buckingham Palace

For more reviews, extracts & where to get your copy, click through here:

Likewise, to learn more about NAFAS and #NationalFlowerArrangingDay, click here:

For photo updates, be sure to follow @nafas_flowers on Twitter!

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