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Got a Hankering for Karl Barth?

Happy 130th Birthday Karl Barth! Here are just a few titles to celebrate your wisdom and holistic understanding of Christian Theology.

James Clarke & Co

Cherry picking from our most recent newsletter of new titles and from a list of forthcoming titles there’s a bit of a theological thinker theme going on. If you’re in the mood for some philosophical and theological discourse then look no further.

First up we have possibly the greatest Protestant Theologian of the twentieth century; Karl Barth. Influencing many important figures with his thinking Karl Barth is a theolgian not to be ignored. In Claim of God Ethan A. Worthington offers an exposition of Barth’s doctrine of sanctification in his earlier theology and if you’re looking for more on Karl Barth and his other doctrines and theological thoughts check out the rest of our titles on him.

Claim of God_9780227175897

The Claim of God
Karl Barth’s Doctrine of Sanctification in His Earlier Theology

By Ethan A. Worthington

“This book presents a close, attentive, and convincing reading of Barth’s doctrine of sanctification during…

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