An Insight into Being Part of the Super-Team

By Heshani G. Arachchige



Publishing is a field that aids our society significantly; it also holds hands with one of my favourite things: books. Realising that I wanted to be a part of the industry was soon followed by facing the difficulty that came with actually stepping into it; it is a thoroughly competitive industry, after all. However, it was through my determination to enter the field of publishing that I got a place as an intern at this very company.

An internship is a brilliant way to begin your career, as it sets a foundation for you to build from. However, the myth surrounding internships tells the tale of a role surrounding coffee runs and photocopying; my time at The Lutterworth Press/James Clarke & Co., however, disregarded such a concept and gave me my own white horse and sword to swing at the industry with (stay with me with this metaphor – it’s possible that a certain medieval HBO drama has gotten to my head). Instead of spending my time completing tasks that barely touched on the values and needs of the field of publishing, I was entrusted with a large load of responsibilities that more than just introduced me to the industry.

Read my blog post about the story behind the cover I designed for Bodies, Borders, Believers here. Pre-order here.

Being a small independent company, the publishing house contains a focused atmosphere that ensured I did not have one repetitive task for my entire internship. Completing half of my internship within the Editing department and the other half in Publicity and Marketing, I learned to professionally copy-edit, formulate and distribute contracts, manage potential manuscripts, have a hand in international and national marketing campaigns, manage social media, and interact with a large consumer audience (these were only some of my responsibilities).  My favourite tasks were to design book covers for new releases, and to create blog posts for the Lutterworth Press and the James Clarke and Co. page in order to promote the house in any interesting ways that I could think of; I had a unique opportunity to be creative while learning. A lot of responsibility was handed to me, and the experience I had as an intern was invaluable.

Of course, a key factor of an enjoyable workplace is its staff. The atmosphere within the publishing house is one that is professional and welcoming, and one that I was sad to leave. It is important to spend time on things that you enjoy, and I feel lucky to have had such a fantastic role; it offered a variety of experience related to an industry that I want to join because of my passion for its nature. I also feel lucky to have begun my career within the industry by learning from such a lovely group of individuals who work efficiently and also share my love for literature and baked goods.

I leave you with the picture of a book lover/the Lutterworth Press/James Clarke & Co. Super-Team’s dream cake. Being a part of the team allowed me to grow as a professional, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity!




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