Derby Cathedral Book Shop and the race to deliver Shakespeare and the Bible

Yesterday saw an intriguing talk by our author Jem Bloomfield on the topic of his new book, Words of Power: Reading Shakespeare and the Bible. Hosted in the grand Derby Cathedral, with wonderful acoustics to accompany the discussion on the influences and interpretations of biblical and shakespearian literature. The event was a success and several copies of his book were sold, which we are always glad to hear! Check our Facebook page for more pictures.


Of course if there had been no books there, then there would have been no sales. And so begins an epic tale of courage and daring, challenge and confrontation… or many hours sat on a train.

Despite the best efforts of our publicity team, our delivery of copies of Words of Power wouldn’t arrive at the Cathedral on time for the event. And confirmation of this didn’t reach us until 3pm that day. Quickly we roused ourselves to the occasion, contacting deliverer, author and bookshop to see what could be done.

There was one train left that would get to Derby from Cambridge on time. Packing up all the copies of the books we had here at the office I rushed to the train and caught the 4:01, too late realising I wasn’t really dressed for the occasion. What followed was two hours of train travel to arrive at Leicester for a change only to discover that the connecting train was delayed because several trains before it were delayed. The station was awash with crowds of people rushing from platform to platform as times and trains changed. Fortunately my train did turn up, late, and I arrived in a hurry at Derby. A quick taxi ride later and I was able to sneak in quietly at the back of the Cathedral as Jem was giving his talk. Books arrived, talk given and everyone happy. (Although I was a bit embarrassed to be flip-flopping through the cathedral in my Big Hero 6 T-shirt.)

It was all worth it for the selfie though!



Job done, I returned to the station to get my train back. I’m sitting down nice and comfy when the announcement comes…

‘Due to signal problems this train is delayed’ Sigh.

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