Special Offers

July: Monthly Special Offers!

Are you Lutterworthy enough for these offers? Of course you are!

Check out this month’s line up of discounted titles.

The usual suspects:


Extramural: Literature and Lifelong Learning
By Adrian Barlow
An impassioned and articulate defence of the enduring importance of lifelong learning, and in particular the value of literary education for those seeking to expand their knowledge and horizons in adult life.
Was £20.50, Now £18.45

9780718892609_cover Messiah.indd

Israel’s Messiah and the People of God: A Vision for Messianic Jewish Covenant Fidelity
By Mark S. Kinzer
A collection of writings by the Messianic Jewish theologian Mark Kinzer, introducing the reader to the range and complexities of his thought.
Was £20.50, Now £18.45


Private Lives of the Ancient Mariner: Coleridge and his Children
By Molly Lefebure
A fascinating new study of Samuel Taylor Coleridge, illuminating the poet’s deeply troubled personality and stormy personal life through a highly original study of his relationships.
Was £28.25, Now £25.43

And June’s big deal is the inter-faithly fascinating:

Non-Muslims in Muslim Majority Societies: With Focus on the Middle East and Pakistan
By Kajsa Ahlstand and Göran Gunner (editors)

9780718892449 non-muslim

A collection of essays that seek to identify and discuss the issues raised by the situation of religious minorities in the Muslim world.
Was £19.00, Now £16.15

What subject has picqued your interest this month? Which books are you looking at to further inspire you? Let us know in the comments.

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