Raising Awareness on #WorldMentalHealthDay

by Emily Jones

Today marks the World Health Organisation’s World Mental Health Day!

This year’s theme set by the World Federation for Mental Health is psychological first aid and the support people can provide to those in distress.

Here at Lutterworth, we believe in the healing power of books by exposing traumatic or troubling emotions and memories.

To discuss this further, we caught up with author and qualified EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) practitioner, Timothy Carson, who discusses his ideas of identity or status at a point of transition or liminality.

We asked him whether being an EFT Practitioner has influenced his work as a Christian minister or as a writer:

That’s a really interesting question because no one has asked it. I suppose the average reader of my work doesn’t know that I am an EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) practitioner and the EFT crowd doesn’t know I’m an author that has focused on liminality. EFT is a healing modality that falls under the energy psychology umbrella. It utilizes tapping on the body’s meridians (energy centers) while exposing traumatic or troubling emotions and memories. Some of EFT’s roots are ancient and others are as current as Exposure Therapy, Cognitive Restructuring and Quantum Physics.

I suppose I do draw on liminal categories to understand this work as well. So often people find themselves stuck inbetween … held in a kind of emotional/psychic limbo. EFT really works to clear these impasses. As a result, in liminal terms, they are ushered out of the liminal domain into a new free state of being. In religious terms we would say they have experienced liberation or redemption.”

If you are interested in reading more about Tim’s involvement as an EFT Practitioner, see www.athomewitheft.com

Alongside his work in EFT, Timothy Carson has practiced pastoral counseling and the spiritual healing arts for over thirty years. He is also a Senior Minister at the Broadway Christian Church in Columbia, Missouri, and holds the Doctor of Ministry, Master of Divinity and Bachelor of Education degrees.

Carson is the author of several works that explore the intersection between Christian faith and culture such as Your Calling as a Christian, The Square Root of God: Mathematical Metaphors and Spiritual Tangents and Six Doors to the Seventh Dimension, alongside his most recent title, Liminal Reality and Transformational Power: Transition, Renewal and Hope.

To read our interview with the author in full, click here!

To support the World Health Organisation, the UK’s leading mental health research charity, championing good mental health for all, text THRIVE to 70300 to give £3 or donate online.

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