Metropolitan Anthony at Pusey House

img_3965The Lutterworth Press were very pleased to be allowed into the beautiful walls of Pusey House in Oxford for the book launch of our latest author Avril Pyman. Celebrating the upcoming publication of her new book Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh we were honoured to have speeches praising the book from Fr Andrew Louth, Professor Emeritus of Patristic and Byzantine Studies at Durham University, Fr Stephen Platt, of the parish of St Nicholas The Wonder Worker, and Fr George Westhaver of Pusey House.img_3977


Dr Avril Pyman, the new Lutterworth author and Cambridge PhD, gave her own fascinating speech on the subject of Metropolitan Anthony with her own unique view. Avril Pyman taught Russian and Russian Literature at the University of Durham and is the author of many articles on and translations of Russian literature and of The Life of Aleksandr Blok; History of Russian Symbolism and Pavel Florensky – A Quiet Genius.

Avril Pyman’s new book Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh will be published 24th November 2016 and is available for preorder now.

9780718894498_cover Anthony.inddPraise for the book:

 “Dr Pyman re-creates the life and times of Metropolitan Anthony as only an old friend could. We encounter one of the great Christian apologists of post-war Britain, someone for whom ‘to live is Christ’ – and a man Russian to the core, impossible to understand apart from the larger-than-life world of the Russian emigration and its complex relationship with the Soviet and post-Soviet ‘motherland’.
Elizabeth Theokritoff, co-editor, Cambridge Companion to Orthodox Christian Theology (2008)

“Avril Pyman’s life of Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh provides readers with an amazing portrait of a complex and fascinating figure. Young Andrei Bloom, student, then physician, then monk, then priest, came to radiate a vision of Orthodoxy as universal Church that drew Western converts while also touching Russian émigré believers and some in Russia itself. Metropolitan Anthony could not have hoped for a finer biographer than Avril Pyman, whose superb scholarship is enriched by her lively narrative and personal insights.”
Joan Delaney Grossman, Professor Emerita of Slavic Languages and Literatures at the University of California at Berkeley, and co-editor of William James in Russian Culture (2003)

“As vicar of Cambridge University Church I am vividly aware of the enormous influence of Metropolitan Anthony on generations of students – including myself – through his preaching which attracted huge congregations (more than any other preacher in his era). This biography shows how his influence as a preacher was rooted in his personal experience of Christ and his life of prayer. Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh helps us to enter into the same quality of experience that he shared with so many in his lifetime.”
John Binns, author of An Introduction to the Orthodox Christian Churches (2002)

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