The Lutterworth Press is pleased to bring you this post by Margaret A. Coombs, biographical author of Charlotte Mason: Hidden Heritage and Educational Influence. Visit the Charlotte Mason Institute’s Blog here:

charlotte mason

Praise for Charlotte Mason:

“Margaret Coombs’s diligent research over many years has revealed much that was hitherto unknown about the life of one of the prominent educationists of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. This lively biography reveals how much of Charlotte Mason’s beliefs and attitudes were influenced by her family background and, because the book does not finish with Miss Mason’s demise in 1923, shows that her theories and method are still in use today. Past students of Charlotte Mason, former pupils of PUS schools and home schools, as well as anyone with an interest in the development of education, will find Margaret Coombs’s book an eminently readable insight into the educational and social life of the late Victorian and Edwardian period.”
Caroline Heal, Editor of L’Umile Pianta, 2002-2014

“A new biography of Charlotte Mason, founder of Ambleside’s Charlotte Mason College, has solved several mysteries surrounding her family background, revealing fascinating details about her early influences.”
Jane Renouf, in Westmorland Gazette, 13 October 2015

“… a very readable insight into the educational and social life of the late Victorian and Edwardian period.”
Divinity Road Resident’s Association Newsletter, Spring 2016

“All in all, this book is a tremendous contribution to the Mason community, and I recommend it highly.”
Dr Jen Spencer, on the Charlotte Mason Institute Blog, April 2016

“[Margaret Coombs] offers a comprehensive and splendidly illustrated account of her subject, carefully recording the influence of the clergy, who had such a controlling interest in education in Mason’s time.”
Michael Wheeler, in Church Times, 22 April 2016

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