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A New Year of Exciting Titles from The Lutterworth Press

2017 was a great year for The Lutterworth Press. It was a year of decorative designs, religious reflections and Lakeland larks, and this year promises to bring a similarly eclectic range of fabulous new titles. And as we all settle into the new year, what better time than now to look towards the months ahead?

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Here are just a few Lutterworth titles to watch out for in 2018:


Henri Gaudier Brzeska: The London Years, 1911-1914

David Wilkinson

Coming in May

Hot on the heels of his The Alfred Wallis Factor: Conflict in Post-War St Ives Art, David Wilkinson takes a look at the life of Henri Gaudier Brzeska, closely examining his 33-month stay in London. Following years of unchallenged assumptions by biographers, essayists and scholars regarding Gaudier’s life, this new book resets the balance.


Kempe: The Life, Art and Legacy of Charles Eamer Kempe

Adrian Barlow

Coming in June

This book provides a full account of the life of Charles Eamer Kempe, based on archives of the Kempe Trust and the author’s own extensive research. It explores the importance of his family life, his experiences as a student at Oxford and the development of his network of friends and clients.

Adrian Barlow’s Espying Heaven, which examines the themes and characteristics of Kempe’s work, will follow later in the year.


Mary Sumner: Motherhood, Mission and Education

Sue Anderson-Faithful

Coming in February

Mary Sumner (1828-1921), founder of the Anglican Mothers’ Union, sought to educate mothers in Christian values and pedagogy so they might train their children to be future citizens of empire. This new biography uses primary source material to situate Mary Sumner in her clerical, social and philanthropic networks; envisage her religious ‘mission’ as educational; and locate her as a popular educator. Available for pre-order now.


Roland Allen: A Missionary Life and Roland Allen: A Theology of Mission

Steven Richard Rutt

Coming in April

Roland Allen: A Missionary Life is an analysis of the context and development of Roland Allen’s missiology. In particular, Rutt focusses on the formation of Allen’s missionary ecclesiology.

Roland Allen: A Theology of Mission is an analysis of the apostolic principles that formed Roland Allen’s missionary theology.



To see more published and forthcoming titles The Lutterworth Press, take a look at our catalogues online.

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