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June Special Offers!

A number of choice titles are available from our website at a discounted price. Don’t miss this opportunity, the offers will end on the 30th of June!

Book of the Month:

Charlotte Mason


Charlotte Mason:Hidden Heritage and Educational Influence
By Margaret A. Coombs
The definitive biography of the Victorian educator Charlotte Mason, revealing new information about her background and her importance in woman’s education.

Paperback was £25.75 -> Now 15% discount £21.89


Special Offers:
A Child's Work


A Child’s Work: Freedom and Guidance in Froebel’s Educational Theory and Practise
By Joachim Liebschner
An illuminating study of the great German educationalist’s philosophy that guided play is the most important learning tool for young children.

Paperback was £21.75 -> Now 10% discounted £19.58


Doors of Possibility


Doors of Possibility: The Life of Emmeline Tanner 1876–1955
By Susan Major
The absorbing story of Emmeline Tanner, headmistress of Roedean, and her impact on girls’ secondary education in England.

Hardback was £55.25 -> Now 10% discounted £49.73


Mere Education

Mere Education: C.S. Lewis as Teacher for our Time
By Mark A. Pike
An exploration of C.S. Lewis’s thinking and writing on education, and how his insights offer a challenge to modern educational theory and practice.

Paperback was £18.00 -> Now 10%  discounted £16.20

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