Special Offers · The Lutterworth Press

August Special Offers!

A number of carefully chosen titles are available from our website at a discounted price. Offers end on the 31st of August!

Book of the Month:

Adolf Keller: Ecumenist, World Citizen, Philanthropist

By Marianne Jehle-Wildberger

A rigorously researched biography of the celebrated Swiss theologian, one of the leading lights of the ecumenical movement in the early twentieth century.

Paperback: Was £23.00  Now £19.55

Special Offers:

Charles Waterton: A Biography

By Brian Edginton

The first complete biography of the 19th-century explorer, naturalist and satirist, who discovered curare and created the world’s first nature reserve.

Hardback: Was £30.50  Now £27.45

Creative Licence: From Leeds College of Art to Leeds Polytechnic 1963-1973

By James Charnley

A celebration and meticulously researched history of the early days of the Leeds College of Art and its radically creative approach to art education.

Paperback: Was £20.25 Now £18.23

The Dictionary of British Women Artists

By Sara Gray

An extensively illustrated and detailed biographical dictionary, providing an invaluable source of information on the contribution of female British artists.

Paperback: Was £32.75 Now £29.48

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